Cuib-Nest-Nodo. Nr. 12, noiembrie 2012

Posted: noiembrie 30, 2012 by Daniel Lăcătuș in Uncategorized

Cuib-Nest-Nodo. Nr. 12, noiembrie 2012 (citeste pdf)


  1. clawfish spune:

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    Read Me in the latest edition

  2. Shittu Fowora spune:

    Please can you translate this page for me,is this a call for submission? And if yes,what is the theme of the work and what is the deadline?

  3. Sunday, December 02, 2012

    My thoughts ,
    my poems
    of love,
    are real,

    They come,
    from the,
    the book,
    of love,
    from above,

    And when,
    i write,
    of love,
    often it,
    is of you,

    words of love,
    flow freely,
    through my soul,
    and of them ,
    i have many,

    Much more to come ,
    can you ,
    not wait,
    to hear them…
    Posted by Allan Mobley at 4:45 PM 0 comments

    She waited,
    for a response ,
    from her lover,
    nothing came,

    In her ,
    time of silence,
    she fasted ,
    sat naked ,
    and unashamed ,
    and one tear ,
    came down ,
    her blank face,

    She had,
    done no wrong,
    she only trusted love,
    but love failed her…
    Posted by Allan Mobley at 5:45 AM 0 comments

    Sunday, November 25, 2012
    so sleep silently my muse ,my lover,
    and give me your answer in the morning…
    time is forever, and our love will last…None can take ,
    you away, from me,
    no never, we were ,
    meant to be lovers in a time
    when loved failed the world…
    you and alone in a world,
    without love gave hope to all to see.
    .Posted by Allan Mobley at 6:00 PM

    „I am but a,
    innocence fool ,
    caught up in,
    love with you, ,
    but it is you that ,
    has tempted me,
    in a love,
    the key to,
    my heart,

    If u do not understand,
    take my hand and i will lead,
    you into a love,,
    that you will never leave…
    OH , no there is no reason,
    other than love…

    Makes no difference,
    to me
    In my heart, you belong,
    in my mind you stay,
    you are my music,

    None can take ,
    you away, from me,
    each day i add,
    the love up and
    it equals you and me,
    Posted by Allan Mobley at 8:09 AM

    Tuesday, November 13, 2012

    Touch my heart ,some say love is,Touch my heart ,
    in a way you only you can
    ,loving you is so irresistible,
    take me by surprise,
    you know dam well you can..

    I say your love ,
    is a hunger ,
    i must have each day,
    a dream i have every day,
    i love you so much ,
    i can hardly stand it,
    and the road is too long ,
    to bare much more ,
    will you say yes…
    Posted by Allan Mobley at 8:15 PM

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